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Welcome To Sands Physiotherapy

The Newquay Physiotherapy Clinic of Choice

We are a private Physiotherapy service, located on the beautiful north coast of Newquay in Cornwall.

Our mission is to help you return to doing the things you want to do, whilst feeling great in your body, once again.

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The Sands Physiotherapy

Approach To Your Recovery…

Whole-body approach

Physiotherapy Services Offered at Sands Physiotherapy in Newquay, Cornwall

At Sands, Newquay Physiotherapy, we consider the whole person.

As such, aches and pains or injuries that recur or seem to move around your body require a whole-body approach.

However, these symptoms are often driven by other areas of your body that are at fault.

With that in mind, the skill is to find these particular areas of fault and treat them.

The power of touch

Sean Clement practicing back physiotherapy on a client in Newquay, emphasizing the power of touch

Hands on ‘Manual Therapy’ is at the heart of our practice.

At the same time, we incorporate specific massage techniques, joint mobilization and manipulations into practice through knowledge and skills acquired over many years.

Embracing Innovation

We embed innovative treatment approaches from world renowned practitioners into our practice, in order to optimise your recovery.


Integrated Systems Model™

Complete recovery

Sean Clement administering innovative neck physiotherapy to a client in Newquay

From early treatment to end stage rehabilitation, our tailored treatment plans cater for your own unique requirements.

As such, this is our goal at Sands, your Newquay Physiotherapy Clinic in Cornwall.

Meet your Newquay Physiotherapist at Sands

Sean Clement

With a wealth of knowledge and experience at his disposal that spans over three decades.  Sean Clement, our resident Sands Physiotherapist Newquay, leads the way.  So you can rest assured, you are in safe hands.

Are you suffering from the effects of acute injury or niggled by bothersome aches and pains?  Well, if your answer is yes, then Sean at Sands Physio will help you on your journey to recovery. 

So that you can enjoy life in your body once again!

About Sands Physio

What our patients are saying

"Sean, from Sands Newquay Physiotherapy, has treated me for deep muscle problems as well as regular maintenance and kept me surfing into my later years.

His attention to detail is impeccable which helps to build trust between patient and practitioner. I have recommended many friends and family members to him."

Miles SLecturer and Surfer

"I cannot recommend Sean highly enough. He’s very professional, knowledgeable and understanding.

He diagnosed the source of many of my chronic aches and pains. As a result of his treatment, he’s ensured I enjoy an active life."

Philippa CPsychologist

Thanks to Sean’s expertise I've been able to continue training and competing in different sports.

His knowledge has had a huge impact on my injury prevention, allowing me to feel confident throughout my training and into competitions.

Jenny BFormer British Surf Long Board Champion and World Run/Swim Competitor

"I suffer from a chronic health condition and have Physiotherapy with Sean as part of my pain management regime.

I have become stronger, fitter, more flexible and improved my stamina to the extent that my daily life is much improved.

Sean has a very positive reassuring manner that gives you confidence in your treatment. If I could bottle that, I would make a fortune!"

Charlotte PVeterinary Nurse

“Sean has helped fundamentally transform my life. After seeing multiple other physios who failed to accurately advise me on the course of action to create a pain free life.

Sean immediately knew what to do.

He’s calm, professional and an expert who truly cares about his patients. Not only am I pain free now, so are many members of my family, who have since been helped by him.

I can’t recommend him enough.”

Karl LBusinessman & Entrepreneur

Sands Physiotherapy, your Newquay Physiotherapy clinic.

helping you to feel your best,
so you can make every day a good day.

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