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About Sean Clement

Your Newquay Physiotherapy Clinic

Chartered & State Registered Physiotherapist

About Sean Clement at Sands Physiotherapy Newquay

With 30 years of practice and a ‘whole-body’ approach, Sean Clement at Sands Physio, Newquay, will show you the way forward.

Sean qualified in 1994 from St Mary’s School of Physiotherapy, London.

He works with a wide variety of clientele, from the world of sport and fitness to those with ongoing aches and pains or occupational disorders.

He runs a busy practice, but in his spare time he enjoys resistance training and keeping fit, in addition to a busy family life.

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More About Sean Clement at Sands Physiotherapy Newquay

Sands Physio Principles of practice

Manual Therapist + Whole-Body Approach

Sean has over 30 years of experience in his field. From his early days of training up to now, Sean has put manual therapy at the heart of his practice, gaining a multitude of skills and techniques in joint and soft tissue manipulation along the way.

As such, Sean considers the ‘whole person’ in his approach to treatment. Integrating innovative concepts by world renowned Physiotherapists have shaped his principles of practice, most notably becoming a ConnectTherapy™ and Integrated Systems Model™ practitioner.

Root and Branch Approach

Most aches and pains occur through overuse or misuse. They are not always the root of the problem. Instead, they are the consequence of a problem found elsewhere in the body.

Sean uses specialist methods to determine the true cause of these ‘drivers’. He not only treats the affected area, but also the actual root of the problem, which can often be different.

Treating both the ‘root’ and ‘branch’ are the most successful ways to reduce recurrence.




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